About us


ADNOS was founded 1983 with a clearly defined goal: to develop and design

  • ecological,
  • economical
  • and innovative systems

for the printing industry. Part of our philosophy is to question conventional systems and to find new ways which not only make the work of the printer safer and simpler, but also improve the quality of the printing job, always according to the ADNOS rule that thinking must be done for the design of a system – and not for its operation! Our first product, the intelligent UV-dryer with automatic UV dimmer, demonstrates this philosophy. Here, a worldwide patented intelligent UV dimming technology is used to optimize the hardening process automatically. Today, ADNOS offers a whole range of products proven under the most demanding working conditions at our customers in Germany, Europe and Overseas and designed to solve all your problems around the printing press – guaranteed! This website introduces the ADNOS products. We have tried to answer all important questions that may arise about an individual product, but will be glad to answer any further question that you may have.