Ink Mist filter

It’s in the air:
ADNOS ink mist filter hoods

The features of the ADNOS ink mist filter hoods:prinzip_filter

  • No contamination of production rooms by ink- and varnishmist
  • Improved health conditions for your staff
  • Improved quality of print
  • Open design, therefore easy access to the ink fountain
  • Removal of solvents and vapours via outside air ventilation
  • Fast and easy changing of filter mats
  • Fast installation due to adapter mountings
  • Available for all popular presses and printing formats

Which problems can arise because of ink mist?

The mist from inks and varnishes which is generated at high printing speeds, poses three threats.
Firstly, the inkmist settles on impression rollers and plate cylinders and reduces the printing quality.
Secondly, it contaminates the air conditioning system of your printing room and
last but not least, it is a health hazard for your staff, which is not to be underestimated!

ADNOS ink mist filter hoods prevent all this.

Why are ADNOS ink mist filter hoods of open design?

Because the ink fountain is always easily accessible. And a door that doesn’t exist, cannot be left open accidentally.
ADNOS has decided to design a system that is always open and thus always works, instead of an enclosed system which doesn’t work when open.

Why complete extraction via the outside air? Would normal filtering not be quite sufficient?

Yes, for the ink mist only! However, vapours from chemicals used on the press for e.g. washing, etc. need to be removed via outside ventilation to avoid air contamination inside the press room.

Does the sucking action on the ink mist filter hood in any way affect the function of the press?

ADNOS inkmist filter hoods do not create additional air flow at the press.

How do I know the filtermat needs changing?

An indicator shows when the filtermat is due for a change. Usually, the mat should be changed once a month.