Nozzle dryer

Small housing – big effect: ADNOS hot air nozzle dryer

The features of the ADNOS air nozzle dryer: prinzip_trockner

  • Constant low level of solvent concentration inside the dryer due to controlled
  • High degree of efficiency and compact design
  • Particularly operator-friendly

What has better air got to do with the efficiency of nozzle dryers?

A lot! The drying of inks and varnishines releases not only condensed water, but also chemical solvents, which, for the purpose of fast drying is undesirable. Why? The higher the concentration of chemical solvents inside the dryer unit, the lower is the pressure of the condensing water and thus the less efficient is the drying. In case of systems with an enclosed air circulation, the air, enriched with solvents, is permanently fed back and consequently, the chemical solvent concentration inside the dryers rises continuously. This causes the dryer efficiency to decrease steadily at the same rate. ADNOS air nozzle driers are therefore equipped with an extraction ventilation which removes both, steam and solvent particles immediately and renews the air in the dryer. This keeps the condensed water at a steady pressure and the dryer efficiency at a steady high rate.

Why are the ADNOS air nozzle dryers so small?

Because efficiency has nothing to do with size, but with good design and applied technology. Thanks to the air extraction employed by ADNOS, the ADNOS air nozzle dryer achieves the same drying effect like conventional systems, however, with far less space needed. This makes the dryer not only very operator friendly, but allows the mounting of the dryer also outside the actual printing area (e.g. above the printing press).