Sheet Guiding Devices

Clear guidance: ADNOS sheet guiding devices

The features of the ADNOS sheet guiding devices:

  • Scratch- and smear-free sheet run through the press
  • Improved print quality
  • Easy retro-fitting for any press

What does the ADNOS sheet guiding device?

They ensure that the sheets run through the press without scratching and without ink smear and thus add to the high quality of your printing job. prinzip_bogenleit_ohne Without sheet guiding devices, some materials will knock against the press in critical areas. The result: scratch marks and smearing. prinzip_bogenleit_mit With sheet guiding devices, also particularly light or heavy materials will pass critical areas inside the press with no problem.

Is the standard sheet guiding device of the press not sufficient?

It is, if you don’t have additional equipment installed, don’t run lightweight or heavyweight material and always run at the same speed without variations. This, however, is an ideal condition which is hardly encountered in reality.

Which advantages does the ADNOS sheet guiding device offer?

It ensures a proper guiding of the sheet throughout its way through the press even when running particularly thin or thick materials like tin plates or carton. Even at high printing speeds, waving and knocking are reliably prevented.

Does this work also on my printing press?

Of course! ADNOS offers individual engineering and tailor-made systems for each press, which can easily be retrofittend.