UV-disinfection systems

UV-disinfection systems for surfaces and air

Mode of action:

UV-light is killing on a natural way bacteria and virus. With our UV-systems is the process reduced on a minimum of time combined with a high efficiency, without harmful residuum.
Bacteria, virus or microbes, on this way it is possible to elliminate all kinds of them.

Disinfection of surfaces:

With the systematic and timed application of our UV-systems is it possible to disinfect within a short time surfaces and items.

Disinfection of air:

Especially particulate materials are a way of transmission of bacteria, virus and microbes. Our UV-disinfection systems are siphoning and cleaning the air by UV-light, afterwards the cleand air will be returned. This selective measure kills 99,99% of them. On this way it is possible to reduce the risk of transmit significante by air in closed rooms.

All our systems are without risk for the operator by appropriate application.