Powder Exhaust

Clean savings: ADNOS excess powder extraction units

The features of the ADNOS powder extraction units: prinzip_puderabsaugung

  • Greatly reduced dirt accumulation in the press and therefore, higher product quality and production safety
  • Greatly reduced ambient air contamination
  • Easy adaption and uncomplicated installation into any press
  • Elimination of explosion hazard in the press
  • Quick armortisation because of less cleaning

Why are powder extraction units necessary?

Modern, high speed sheet-fed printing presses with an output of 15.000 sheets/h cause air streams which lead to the swirling of powder, no matter how well the powdering unit is adjusted. The swirled powder finds its way into the press where it settles on the greased parts of the last printing station (grippers, chains). The resultant grease and powder lumps jeopardize the quality of a full pile! Also, the powder settles on the rubber blanket which necessitates frequent cleaning of the printing station. A large portion of the powder floats in the ambient air, is inhaled by the press room staff and can cause serious lung deseases such as silicose. ADNOS excess powder extraction units considerably reduce health hazards for both, man and machine!

How much trouble is involved with retro-fitting of such extraction unit?

No trouble at all! The retro-fitting can be done fast and easy on any press.

What are the financial advantages of the powder extraction unit?

Because of the vastly extended cleaning cycles and greatly reduced downtime of the press, the initial investment for the ADNOS excess powder extraction unit is paid back within a few months!